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Help Bring Our Seniors Home


Our Goal

Quadra Island has a brand new, beautiful, well-designed home for seniors who, as yet, are nowhere to be found on the property!

The tragic circumstance we are facing is that our seniors, who are in need of safe affordable housing, can’t yet move into the physical building which is nearing completion. For those who have tackled a renovation or new-build, you’ll know that costs inevitably exceed budget, while the vision takes longer to be realized.

Today, we’re reaching out to our wonderful community to seek its help in completing the essential tasks necessary to bring our valued seniors home. Much has already been achieved with great effort on the part of many. We’re certainly in the ‘home’ stretch!

Our goal is to raise $100,000 by March 30, 2021

We are appealing to local residents and businesses to support this endeavor. We are in need of your help!

Our goal is to raise $100,000 by March 30, 2021, which will go exclusively towards:

  • A boardwalk over the pond spillway to enable all local residents to safely walk into the Cove for groceries, mail, doctor visits, prescriptions and other services.
  • A bridge to link the original Seniors Housing on O’Connor with the new building A communal walk-in tub so our Quadra seniors have access to safe bathing.
  • Microwaves in each unit to enable seniors to reheat meals efficiently.
  • A back-up Propane Generator to ensure essential services.
  • Raised garden beds so residents can get their hands in the earth and continue their tradition of growing some of their own food.
  • A garden shed to store tools.
  • Privacy screens between the patios.​

Most residents will not have lived in such close proximity to others and we wish to support an easy transition into community living.

Please help us bring our seniors home!

Donations over $20 are tax deductible and a receipt will be provided.

  • Be one of 200 people who donate $500.
  • Be one of 200 people who donate $100.
  • Consider making a donation in memory of a loved one who has passed.​
  • Consider making a recurring monthly payment.

At the end of the year, you could give money to the government in taxes or give to your local community and receive a tax break.


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Over the years Quadra Islanders’ gifts, both large and small, have generously supported the initiatives of QISHS.

About the Project
Quathiaski Cove

Quadra Island Seniors Housing Society is wrapping up a new residence in Quathiaski Cove. It will provide 15 apartment units for Quadra Island seniors. We’re inviting your help in making completion of this project a success. Please consider a donation in support of our new seniors’ residence in Quathiaski Cove!